That’s because if a bug shows up in production, you need to be able to answer when the last time that component was tested. Integrated testing helps you maximize efficiency and produce quality products faster. And that means both integration with Jira and integration within the testing process. By automating manual processes, you’ll free your team up to focus on the important stuff — the tests and their results. Our test management solutions are flexible to match your needs as they didn’t force any restrictions upon you.

test management tools for jira

Individual reports on test cases, test plans, and test cycles can give you granular details of the tests. However, unless you get an aggregate view, you’ll not be able to see the bigger picture of what’s happening. It is, therefore, important for the test management tool to give you a consolidated view of the test cases, test cycles, and requirements. This will give your manager or test lead a comprehensive view of the execution of test plans.

Explained below are the typical activities in the test process. It focuses on the team working and lets the admin decide roles on the basis of already fixed privileges that maintains discipline test data management tools comparison and harmony and increased productivity in the end. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

The tool should provide configurable gadgets on the user’s dashboard

Better visibility for Manual and Automation test results supported by offering multiple reporting options. Create a custom field relevant to the project which could be used with different tests ad issues. Gives users the choice to perform Manual, Exploratory, and Automation testing without integrating with 3rd party tools. Reuse tests across different projects, modules, and test libraries to avoid performance issues. Users can link defects to test execution for better traceability.

This could include learning how to use the tool, configuring it, and putting together your first efforts. The initial configuration and set-up of Jira as a test case management tool will take some time. They can help you eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of JIRA – reusing test cases. With test management tools you can reuse executions and help in better execution setup. Since JIRA is not custom made for test case management it possesses many limitations.

To devoid it of its limitations, you can incorporate various testing tools with JIRA. With the help of Zephyr apps, users can create different reports depending on their current needs. Comprehensive traceability reports can be gained, utilizing real-time Jira integration.

test management tools for jira

And that makes it difficult to get visibility over the development process and match issues up with test cases. You could configure a workflow, so a test isn’t “done” before you’re actually done. But that will add more steps to an already manual process. Boost productivity and get real-time insights into your teste management progress through tailored filters. Get enterprise-level features like SSO and audit logging, plus priority support to keep your project on schedule. TestRail Enterprise is available for both cloud-based and server instances.


LDAP integration streamlines user management and offers a single-sign-on. Users can launch automated tests with any framework in real-time and populate all results in this one-stop-shop for continuous integration. Users can execute tests one by one, launch automated execution, and manage test pass or failure status. Users can create test circles and phases, align to sprints and test suites, and assign resources to execute planned tests.

  • In the pie chart macro, you can view tasks such as Open tasks, Closed tasks, Resolved tasks.
  • This section in this Jira tool tutorial will guide you through JIRA Software Issue and its types.
  • When the test execution is created, go down to «Execution Details» section.
  • Permission Schemes allow you to create a set of permissions and apply this set of permission to any project.
  • This is where a test Management tool for jira helps QA teams.
  • AIO Tests provide easy test creation in one screen, one go and it allows to link the Jira requirements.

However, you can tweak it a little bit by creating a User Story for the main functionality, then creating a task for testing. Under that task, you can create sub-tasks for the testing environment configuration, test case design, test execution, etc. Change requests and various shortcomings are resolved by the maintenance team, with the help of developers and testers who understands domain and requirements. Testing phase – This phase starts as soon as the requirement is collected and brainstorming sessions on these requirement starts in every project meets.


Testers can extract and understand defects by real-time visibility them through multiple formats and mediums. It is a large user story which can be broken down into a number of small stories. You can either create a new epic in agile or either use the issue you have created in normal JIRA board.

test management tools for jira

Test Management has a clear set of roles and responsibilities for improving the quality of the product. Team can decide whether to increase or decrease the number of issues that should be displayed in each status. Kanban is considered as the best methodology for bug fixing and maintenance release, where incoming task is prioritized and then worked accordingly.

Integrate the most popular test case management solution* with Jira.

Information can be exported to statistical and reporting engines for further processing. A key benefit of test management tools is the ability to assign and track tasks across your team. You may already be using a system like Jira or Trello to do this, but it pays to be able to do this in your test management tool too.

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Delivering a quality software product can be very challenging, especially when it comes to large scale projects that require a great level of measurement. We need to have a stable testing process with a good set of test cases and great tool support. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the tools to manage their test cases. Today we’re going to take a look at the software tool called JIRA. Although it is not intended to work as a test case management tool, it can definitely be a starting point that can add value to the testing process. TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management software that can be integrated with Jira.

JIRA Components

When the test execution is created, go down to «Execution Details» section. Follow the option «New Test Execution…» and complete your first ad-hoc test execution. Before learning JIRA, you should have a basic understanding of manual testing. JIRA tool does not have the default functionality for measuring the time spent on documentation.

test management tools for jira

Moodle testers should never execute any test cases of this QA cycle template. Though deploying dedicated test case management system with JIRA offers the best experience. You can eliminate it by using the solution that offers the most optimal integration experience based on your requirements.

Often this means there is a rush before release to complete testing. But how do you ensure you’re not just duplicating existing test results? Being able to show when each part of your system was tested can greatly improve the efficiency of releases. This is especially true when you have a large and complex regression suite. Using Create Test Execution button for «All Tests…» we can define a new test execution for all the tests included in current Test Plan.

While on the right-hand side menu clicking on the issue, you can create subtasks, logwork, etc. This is because Jira’s design assumes you’re entering problem data rather than test case data. As a result, additional time will be needed to enter test cases and test results. You must examine the amount of time it takes to get started with any tool.

Disadvantages of Using Jira as a Test Case Management Tool

Customizable reports to display the data useful to you using filter and sort options on date or field. Managing multiple versions of test cases at the same time allows us to compare the changes between versions. Group your tests into subfolders and folders based on the requirements such as Automation Tests, Smoke tests, and performance tests.

Customizable XRay reports tracking the test executions and Test sets with overall testing progress. Add on feature for requirement traceability which lets you track requirements, tests, defects, and executions. Plus, it’s hard to keep track of all of your testing if you’re managing test cases as Jira issues.

It manages the projects as well as maintain the technical documentation. When the release date of software comes near, then software developers need to focus on the remaining issues which are to be fixed before the specified date. It also becomes difficult for the QA to maintain the status of the documentation, i.e., sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of everything. This can be challenging when it comes to re-running already executed tests. The first option will be a bit of overhead especially when we want to re-run our tests multiple times.

What Is Gherkin + How Do You Write Gherkin Tests?

If your testing needs include automation and continuous integration testing, this can be a problem. Created tests can be organized in folders and sets according to project, component, version, and label. A test management tool is a vital part of Quality Assurance. For instance, let’s consider you want to execute a test case in different environments like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. What if you execute it subsequently in Safari and update the result once again? It will override the existing results and hence, you will lose the previous result.